Nota Bene Real Estate specialises in the acquisition of super-prime residential real estate in the world’s finest locations.

We offer a highly experienced service for private clients, the focus being the super-prime in London, Paris, Saint-Tropez, Italy, New York, the Hamptons, Greek Islands, Los Angeles, St Barths and Mustique.

Seeking and advising, supported by a wealth of extensive research and local knowledge. We have access to the world’s most outstanding real estate. Real Estate acquisition is a serious investment so it is important to make careful decisions.

Micro knowledge is essential. Which is the preferred side of a London garden square? Which is the finest of the Candela buildings on New York’s Upper East Side or the best of the new condominium developments in the city? How does Southampton compare with East Hampton and which are the most exclusive roads in each? Which do we consider the most prestigious domain in Saint-Tropez? These are questions we are regularly asked.

A beautiful home is about much more than the location. It is the lifestyle it affords. The flow of space, a special view, the interior design, a magnificent garden or roof terrace, an opportunity to extend and improve while at the same time increasing the value.

Nota Bene Global Real Estate offers a complete property buying service. We carry out extensive due diligence, providing a strategy for purchase before negotiating on a client’s behalf. We then work closely with the appointed lawyers and other advisors, guiding the purchase through to exchange of contracts and closing.

We differ from estate agents and realtors insofar as we act exclusively for clients, covering every aspect of real estate acquisition including advice on price, planning issues, costs of any renovations, analysis of maintenance and service charges and other relevant costs and taxes.

It may also extend to recommending architects, interior and landscape designers, sound, lighting and security specialists as well as financial advisors.

If you are considering purchasing real estate, come and talk to us.

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