Having spent time on Mykonos earlier this summer we decided to return to Greece to discover other lesser-known islands in our favourite Cyclades group.

Antiparos, located in the central Aegean, feels in some ways like Mykonos did 30 years ago, with a similar insider jet-set cachet, Yet it is nowhere near as commercialised as Mykonos has become today and has a completely different character and vibe.

An eight-minute crossing of the narrow channel that separates the ‘big sister’ island Paros from its more exclusive sibling, Antiparos has gained some celebrity status over the past years. Tom Hanks has a home here, as do a number of other illustrious names from the worlds of art, cinema and business. Some of these properties are very impressive and sit on large plots of land above the long coastline.

One has to understand how Antiparos ‘ticks’. It is essentially an island whose pulse is lower key than that of Paros, and certainly considerably quieter than Mykonos, yet there is a vibe. It has become a haven for those who seek a certain degree of privacy and escapism yet where there is just enough to do when some action is needed. With regular visitors and villa owners meeting by the beach for late afternoon/early evening drinks or at private dinner parties, residents have become summer friends. These social similarities compare in certain respects with other resort locations such as Saint-Tropez, Mustique, St Barth’s…

Forget hotels, as there is nothing worth speaking about on Antiparos for anyone with discernment. This island is all about villa life and there are some beautiful houses to rent or purchase. We saw several of the best, and some under construction, when we were comparing locations, areas of land, views and proximity to the sea and the town, Chora. We also tried all the restaurants and beaches.

There are special locations in the south, facing Despotiko, or the west, facing Sifnos. Alternatively, on the eastern coastline directly across from Paros are some ideal spots, especially for those wanting to keep a boat out front.

If you love the idea of owning – or renting – an internationally acclaimed, architect- designed house, either close to the sea or elevated above it with extraordinary views, talk to us. We are confident that a super-prime purchase on Antiparos will be a great investment. But as with everything, you need advice as to price, location, specification and legalities.

The Greek islands are magical and have a special culture. It is the light, the colours, the length of the summers, the food and wines, the mesmerising Aegean…

Whether for a vacation, with a fully staffed villa and a boat, or with a real estate purchase in mind, contact us. We know where…

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