Nota Bene Co-Founder Anthony Lassman on Luxury Travel

Founded and run by the husband and wife team, Anthony and Elaine Lassman, the bespoke travel consultancy Nota Bene Global draws on the Lassmans’ passion for discovery of the world’s most extraordinary places at the highest level.

As every minute detail is taken care of, each trip they create ensures fluidity and luxury in even the world’s most remote destinations. Through spending more than 30 years traveling the world while designing trips for private clients such as Michael Kors and David Lauren, they have succeeded in establishing a go-to consultancy for discerning clientele who yearn to explore in style. Anthony Lassman gives us an insight into this bespoke travel consultancy and the introduction of an international real estate service.

What inspired you to set up Nota Bene Global?

I have a passion for discovery and a focus on the world’s finest places. Having tried other travel services I found few of them could advise in a discerning, high-level and impartial way and this led me to do it myself. I wanted to create a brand name based on integrity, knowledge, experience and dedication to high-level services. More recently, the services we offer have extended from travel to real estate too, which benefits from our clear understanding of the needs and demands of the world’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

How do you define luxury travel?

Real luxury travel is about discernment, unique and special experiences, and about discovery. Of course it generally encompasses the world’s finest hotels, yachts and villas but there is so much more that defines luxury. It is about time, space, passion and people. It is about being able to take breakfast at any time, never being rushed to check out of a room, and about meeting exceptional people whether that be guides, pilots, curators, or wine and food experts, and most of all about seeing unique things. All of these aspects constitute luxury especially in this post-status era I believe we are in. This is the era where great experiences matter more than material goods, and travel is the status of luxury.

What’s the most incredible travel experience you’ve had?

I’d have to say, ash boarding down a volcano in Nicaragua.

Do you have a favorite place?

It will always be Italy. But further afield, Brazil and Mexico hold great appeal, as does Africa for its wildlife and diversity.

Nota BeneTell us about some of the most extraordinary experiences you’ve arranged for clients.

There are so many, but most recently we have arranged a private jet to Antarctica, heli-skiing in New Zealand, meeting the Samburu as part of a heli-safari across Kenya, yachting from Panama to the San Blas islands and private charter across Iceland to Greenland, and so it continues.

What makes traveling with Nota Bene unique?

We experience everything we offer first hand so we know what suits our clients, and we have explored the world for over 30 years. We pride ourselves in our service and in the dedication we show to the finer details. Essentially it is the knowledge we carry with us and the passion we have in everything we do that makes Nota Bene unique.

What trip planning process does each client go through?

Because we are a private client service modeled on a membership set-up, we get to know each client really well. The planning process can sometimes take weeks while ideas are discussed and availability is checked, as well as allowing for changes that clients often make.

You also offer advice on international property acquisition. Tell us about that.

A number of our clients are as interested in art and real estate as they are in travel experiences. Having spent my ‘former life’ of over 25 years in London real estate, at the top end of the market, I was well positioned to introduce real estate consultancy as a service to the Nota Bene Global brand. It is, after all, about trust and our clients trust us for our knowledge and expertise. We act as a buying service, seeking, advising and securing real estate on behalf of the buyer.

Our travelling helped broaden our international real estate expertise so we can advise clients not only in London but on super-prime ‘hot-spots’ elsewhere in the world, including New York, Paris, Los Angeles, French Riviera, Italy, St Barths, Mustique and the Hamptons. We know these markets really well in terms of the best locations, the on and off-market opportunities and when to buy. We can advise on matters such as comparable sales evidence, and we can help them navigate the bureaucracy associated with acquiring property abroad.

By Lauren Hill