Capital Bank partners with Nota Bene Global for world-class travel and luxury real estate services

Capital Bank of Jordan, a leading private sector bank operating in Jordan and the Middle East, has announced an exclusive partnership with London-based Nota Bene Global, a renowned private client management service specialising in the design and curation of world-class travel experiences together with the acquisition of ultra-prime residential real estate. The collaboration aims to enhance client services, particularly for high-net-worth customers and those who appreciate luxury lifestyle and travel.

Nota Bene is known for its meticulous approach in advising its clients about extraordinary destinations, creating unique and exceptional experiences. This involves personalised annual travel design, acquisition of real estate, and access to exclusive opportunities such as private art collections, premium events, renowned performances, yacht voyages, and private visits to world class landmarks. The Nota Bene team are constantly travelling, reviewing and critiquing in order to advise objectively and with discernment.

Nadim Abawat, Capital Bank’s Group Deputy CEO – International, added his perspective: “Navigating the realm of luxury travel and real estate requires meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. Through our exclusive partnership with Nota Bene Global, Capital Bank aims to open doors and provide our high-net-worth clients with unparalleled experiences and opportunities. Together, we curate bespoke journeys and acquire ultra-prime residential properties, catering to the discerning tastes of those who appreciate the art of journeying and the finer things in life.”

Nota Bene founder Anthony Lassman stated, “Nota Bene opens doors and is delighted to be partnering with Capital Bank, sharing with its top clients a wealth of discerning travel and real estate experience.”

Lassman stated that Nota Bene specializes in focusing on the often-overlooked details in the world of ultra luxury. Top hotels, finest hotel suites, exquisite private villas and islands, private yacht and plane acharter, major cultural and sporting events.  They also offer services such as recommending restaurants, booking reservations, arranging transportation, providing tour guides, and curating unique experiences

The partnership will launch in Summer 2023, with a select number of illustrious clients benefiting from the service. Those are members of Capital Bank’s prestigious Private Banking, which offers its clients exclusive and comprehensive investment and banking solutions tailored to their exquisite standards.

About Capital Bank of Jordan

Part of Capital Bank Group, Capital Bank was founded in 1995, and grown to become one of the top financial institutions in Jordan, offering the Jordanian market a comprehensive set of commercial and investment banking services and solutions tailored to the needs of retail and corporate clients alike. For more information, visit /personal .

About Nota Bene Global

Nota Bene Global is a London-based private client management service under annual fee-paying membership. It is known for the finest in world-class travel and acquisition of super- prime and ultra-prime residential real estate in Europe, the UK and US. For further information, visit .