2017 Travel trend forecast with Anthony Lassman

Dolce Magazine: What are some travel trends you’re noticing for the new year?

Anthony Lassman: Experiential travel more and more — yet still the demand for the traditional “watering holes” of the affluent. In the first category, we are seeing destinations like northern Kenya, Antarctica, Norway and remote islands of Indonesia like Zumba and Java. In the second category, Saint-Barth, Gstaad, St. Moritz, Courchevel and Jacksonhole.

DM: What are your seasonal destination recommendations?

AL: For winter, Argentina with Uruguay, Peru or Ecuador and Galapagos. For spring, Tanzania with Seychelles and Japan for the cherry blossoms. For summer, the Greek Islands, Scandinavia or Nantucket. And for fall, Rome, Indonesia or Marrakech

DM: In this delicate international political climate, what are your suggestions for staying safe and happy while traveling this year?

AL: Don’t panic, but be sensible and stay away from areas of conflict. For the moment, we cannot advocate Turkey. Fly with most reliable carrier and aim to combine knowledge and learning with relaxation and doing little!

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