We are often asked to define Nota Bene.

Routine types of questions include:
** Are you a travel agent?
** Can you get us the same benefits as Centurion?
** Do we have to become members to use your services?

Nota Bene is a private club for like-minded travel connoisseurs.

Our travel management services are deeply attuned to our specific group of clients.

Yes, we plan, book and manage complex travel itineraries. But there is SO much more to the Nota Bene brand, ethos, and service offering, than travel planning alone.

Everything we do is guided by a strong code of standards and a bar that is set high and frequently raised. The same applies to our ultra-and super-prime real estate division.

Our reviewing process is rigorous. We put minuscule detail under the spotlight and we won’t settle for anything less than the best.

To be clear, “the best” does not always mean the most expensive. It doesn’t mean the most overt. The best can be something so simple, but it transports you to a place of total inner contentment.

The times when you realise you were totally lost in an epic view, waves lapping on the side of a boat, uninterrupted time with your family, a beautiful dinner under starlight.

You cannot put a price on these moments. They become etched into one’s memory, and we yearn for them, yet they are few and far between. You don’t find them on a website. You don’t find them in a brochure. And I’m afraid to say, you don’t find them by talking to most travel agents. But you’ll find them as a Nota Bene member.

Are you amongst those seeking star quality moments?

If so, you might just enjoy reading our new services brochure and learning how we differ from any other travel provider out there.