As an extraordinary 2020 draws to a close we reminisce about the freedom of travel – and look forward to resuming the exciting, unrestricted Nota Bene world journey very soon.

With this in mind, take note:

Millions use travel agents
Hundreds of thousands use cardholder services
Tens of thousands use concierge services

Only the privileged few are members of Nota Bene Global, a private client service.

As the world becomes more difficult to navigate, the choices of where to go more widespread, and the term ‘luxury’ used ubiquitously, travel needs expert advice and contextualisation – and then curating and managing, with all the details taken care of.

We showcase a few of the destinations we have visited recently, places we love and know well. Let us inspire you for some thrilling times ahead.

We know where.

Meanwhile, we take this opportunity of wishing our clients and followers all around the world the compliments of the season and a healthy, happy and safe new year.

The arrival platform after zip lining into this exclusive secluded lodge in Cambodia’s South Cardamom National Park.

Just one of the unparalleled aspects from this prominently located Lake Como villa.

Northernmost Norway’s indented coastline is magnificent, the country and its offshore Svalbard Islands unmissable.

A simple family-run trattoria overlooking the natural harbour of Italy’s most exclusive resort.

Sunset over Botswana’s Okovango Delta for water-based safari while staying at some of Africa’s finest lodges.

A ravishing South Atlantic coastline; endless wild beaches; world- class oceanfront villas and a great party atmosphere – Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil.

The most private and romantic of St Barth’s boutique hotels for the Caribbean in style.

Little compares with the topography and natural beaches of the islands of the Seychelles, Indian Ocean.

Lake Titicaca’s floating islands are just a part of this region of Peru. Exploring the Bolivian side of the lake adds to the experience.

Arguably Europe’s finest and most accomplished small boutique hotel.

Be sure to have Antarctica on your 2021 schedule – curated with precision it makes for one of those trips of a lifetime.

Sunset over the unique red sand landscape of western Namibia.