You’re having dinner, deep in conversation. When an unwanted hand, wielding your bottle of wine, completely jolts your train of thought.

You hadn’t finished your glass (or your starters for that matter) and the hand has poured fresh wine onto the lukewarm remnants.

“Would you like another bottle?”

Actually, I’d rather finish my conversation without getting swindled into ordering as much alcohol and bottled water as possible.

It doesn’t get much more irritating.

Good service is a balancing act and it requires some highly attuned people-reading skills.

Yet so many service providers are either overly attentive or insufficiently perceptive.

Hands up if you’ve ever been bored stiff by a tour guide who was totally unable to read you.

Or a driver who tried to make conversation uninvited.

There are some hotel staff that are so spirited in their quest to serve that it ends up becoming highly agitating. Phone calls to your hotel suite from the front desk; a chambermaid ringing the bell when you’ve just jumped in the shower and forgot to put the “do not disturb” sign on; a pool attendant who wakes you mid-doze to ask if you’d like a drink; any type of “induction” before you’ve even seen your accommodation.

One of our strap lines is that luxury shouldn’t be afraid of simplicity. This applies to service as well. It should seem natural and effortless, and most importantly, you should feel undisturbed.

We are very particular in terms of striking the right balance and ensuring interactions with our clients hit the mark. We thoroughly brief hotel management teams, screen tour guides and drivers, meet villa staff and yacht crew.

We make it our priority to know what makes our clients tick.

If you appreciate perceptive, thoughtful service, contact us and find out how we’ll change the way you travel.