The pandemic may have temporarily ‘closed‘ parts of the world to the international traveller yet, with careful navigation of which destinations ARE possible, it is, relatively, a more positive than negative picture.

This is especially true for our North American clients, who are an important segment of Nota Bene‘s private members.

Whereas travel to France, for example, has restrictions imposed for Brits, who must follow the UK’s confusing travel traffic light list as well as the regulations of countries of entry, it has remained open and unrestricted to those from the United States.

British travellers to Italy are obliged to isolate for five days after arrival, yet no such regulation applies to those arriving from elsewhere in Europe or from North America.

So, where have Nota Bene’s clients been travelling during summer 2021? Where are the favourite hotspots at the uppermost end of the market?

Here is our shortlist so far:

French Riviera



Costa Smeralda





The Bahamas

Costa Rica

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

All the above takes careful planning and curating as it’s not just about where to go but how to make it extra special.

That’s where we come in, knowing where and how to do it all in style and with discernment. If this is of interest, whether for summer or beyond, why not contact Elizabeth to find out more?