When you imagine embarking on your greatest adventure, what comes to mind?

Is it a Robinson Crusoe type island with rainforests that erupt into action at night? Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with a sublimely luxurious safari on the Serengeti plains? How about the electrifying greens and icy blues of the Arctic winter’s Northern Lights?

Perhaps it’s something “simpler”. A private viewing at Cape Town’s Zeitz MOCAA; a stargazing experience with a world-renowned astronomer; a beautiful opera; something related to fine wines and culinary delicacies.

The interesting thing about how travel is evolving, is that mixing it up is the new norm.

Take skiing destinations, for example. Firmly on our radar, with summer days drawing to a close and autumn/winter months around the next corner.

There’s an exquisite private chalet in remotest British Columbia, with every possible comfort taken care of, perfectly suited to the affluent adventurer. For thrill-seeking (make no mistake, this is about as adrenaline-fuelled as it gets), guests take to the slopes from the chalet’s own private helipad for snow-shoeing, dog sledding, paragliding, Nordic skiing and heli-skiing to completely isolated glade forests and powder white pistes.

A secluded private wilderness lodge – discreet and undiscovered by most – offers the perfect base from which to explore the wilds of Finnish Lapland. With a dedicated team, including private chef, butler and wildlife guides, the experience is one-of-a-kind for this region, offering total exclusivity in a part of the world that most will never uncover. Snowmobiling, reindeer, the Northern Lights, cross-country skiing. This is the Arctic Circle at its most alluring but with absolutely no compromises for high end travellers.

Few places can compete on the otherworldly scale with New Zealand’s South Island. Put simply, it is one of the most show-stopping places on earth. Glacial valleys, fjords, wild coastline, sparkling forests and rivers, waterfalls, soaring mountains. And with very few people to share it with. With unlimited backcountry runs and some superb regional operators, it is also one of the best places in the world for heli-skiing and snowboarding. Besides which, New Zealand boasts some of the best lodge hotels and private houses anywhere. So you’ll still dine extremely well and indulge in some of the best wines in the world, after days spent on the magnificent ski terrain of the southern Alps.

Then there’s Japan, where forward-thinking Tokyo stuns with its futuristic architecture, high-speed railway system, a considerable number of world-leading city hotels and superb dining experiences. Then, by flight or bullet train, travel to Hokkaido, where the combination of warmth from the Sea of Japan and winds from Siberia create immense snowfall.

And we needn’t forget Aspen, Courchevel, St Moritz or Gstaad, as these can also be spiced up with the right chalet choice, tables for lunch on the slopes, après-ski and outside-the-box activities.

Of course, the key to all of this is enlisting the right help, and changing the way you perceive travel. If you are investing time and money, expertise is essential. You wouldn’t buy a piece of art or build a fine wine collection without taking seriously good advice. Neither should you travel without ensuring your investment sees the greatest possible return.

Now is the right time to nail down your travel calendar. We’ve never seen things this busy, so waiting another month or two is not the right strategy. CONTACT US TODAY and let’s discuss all-important dates, the upcoming holiday season, and anything else in the pipeline from now until next summer.