As the coronavirus vaccination programme continues to be rolled out in many regions worldwide, and we start to see a way forward in travel, we are constantly being asked for advice.

From what we know at the moment, the following make it onto our destination shortlist from late spring onwards.

The Seychelles
The third most vaccinated nation after Israel and the UAE, where a quarantine-free welcome awaits anyone with a negative PCR test, irrespective of whether they have had a vaccination. These islands are ideal from spring through fall.

The Maldives
More of a winter through spring destination, these Indian Ocean islands are exceptionally popular with a European market, which has been the case during lockdown months. A negative PCR test – 96 hours before arrival – and completion of a Traveller Health Declaration Form are all that is required.

Proof of vaccination (green passes) is now the aim for entry once the current travel ban expires. This is scheduled for March 27 but could easily change. According to the Italian Tourism Minister a full reopening of the country is planned for the summer. However, we suggest Sardinia as the safest bet as it is Italy’s first region to be classified as a low-Covid-19 White Zone.

This means that many of the restrictions in place in the rest of the country have been dropped, so expect restaurants, bars and cafés to be open. Head for the Costa Smeralda or Porto Rotondo, charter a boat, rent a villa or stay at a private-pool hotel villa. The finest villas are experiencing strong take-up from June, so don’t leave it too long.

Very bullish about bringing tourism back to the country this year, especially as a high level of compliance last summer was shown to lead the world. Our advice is to charter a gulet to experience the ravishingly beautiful southern coastline.

Relatively unscathed by the pandemic, Greece has worked extremely hard to restart tourism. Plans are underway for all frontline tourism workers to be vaccinated before the country reopens to visitors on May 14. The Greek government has also established the world’s first vaccine certificate agreements with Cyprus and Israel. A vaccine certificate should waive all restrictions, while a 48-hour test will apply to non-vaccinated travellers.

Greece, and its islands, have so much to offer, with the weather from May through October as good as it gets. Rent a villa, charter a boat, island hop…. It all takes careful planning but get it right and it’s unforgettable.

The Balearics
Aiming to be the first region of Spain where the vaccine passport is trialled. If approved by Madrid, vaccinated visitors would be exempt from PCR tests. There are no hotels that fully meet our criteria, but there are some beautiful villas, notably on Ibiza. Otherwise, charter a yacht and visit Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera.

The above information is for guideline purposes only and should not be relied upon for health or other guarantees. The best advice is to contact us, plan forward and we will aim to secure the best with maximum cancellation policies.

We look forward to planning summer 2021 for you the Nota Bene way.