If destinations were dinner party guests, Courchevel would be the wildly exuberant one, always last to leave.

Geneva, on the other hand, would be the sensible uncle who always drives and never drinks. You’re obliged to see him once a year but one night’s quite enough.

Ordinarily, you wouldn’t pair these guests. But since they live on the same side of town, it makes sense to see them at the same time.

What it lacks in frivolity, Geneva makes up for in access to some of the most spectacular alpine settings in Europe. It’s also easy to reach, service is generally very good, food and wine are of a standard. The overall picture is a city that’s reliable, safe and user-friendly. The lake is beautiful, Mont Blanc provides a dramatic backdrop, mainly finance and fine watches.

Hotel-wise, there are two clear winners:

One is an established grande-dame offering highly attentive service, accomplished food and beverage, and the professionalism one would expect from an international luxury group-managed hotel. However, certain areas are due an uplift and some of the bathrooms lack space and opulence.

The second is an all-suite boutique hotel with a prettier lakeside setting but a slightly longer walk into town. It exhibits the largest indoor pool in Geneva, a well-equipped techno gym and spa, state-of-the-art technology, and two excellent restaurants. Everything is new and beautifully appointed, but only six months open, it needs to develop personality and for the staff to settle into their roles as a team.

So, which one?

The answer is both. For different people, at different times, for different reasons. This is why we profile each client so carefully and avoid the “one size fits all” mentality at all costs.

There is a full spectrum of sensibilities and priorities. What sort of age range? Are there children? Is it a business trip? Is health and fitness a priority? Or fine dining and accompanying wines?

We make it a priority to “learn” our clients and we put their individual needs under the microscope.

We’d like to invite you to review your travel calendar with us.

So, REPLY BY RETURN and let’s establish if a Nota Bene membership is the next step.

P.s. Next week is Courchevel where we’re covering the best hotels, top private chalets and mountain restaurants. Connect with us if you’re looking for last-minute availability (and remember Courchevel 1850 is still ideal for skiing through most of April).