Scandinavia - Sweden, Denmark, Norway (and for the purposes of this email, let’s include Finland and Iceland, though formally they aren’t considered part of Scandinavia) - is a land of immense contrast.

Its capital cities are accessible, they are leading-edge in terms of design, and they profile some of the world’s most unique culinary experiences. Yet, outside the cities, the region is enigmatic. A land of Norse mythology, fairytales and folklore, Santa Claus, reindeer, subarctic wilderness, the midnight sun and its white nights, and of course the northern lights – dazzling auroras that appear as streaks and spirals of electric green (sometimes pink and violet) near the Earth’s magnetic poles.

The Arctic Circle covers parts of northern Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Norway. A region so remote, so other-worldly, that a visit is almost certainly once-in-a-lifetime.

So, how do you even begin to approach an itinerary that accounts for the very best of this magical part of northernmost Europe and into the Arctic?

Many of the most exclusive areas remain unmarketed. There are private estates that simply aren’t accessible unless you work with a partner like Nota Bene. This way, low volume tourism remains the real focus and those who are serious about genuinely “out there” experiential travel will reap the rewards.

These are what we might term super high end “expeditions”. A private chalet in Lapland where you get to cross the invisible border between Finland and Sweden and go free riding on powder snow and snowmobiling into Norwegian territory for ice fishing. Dog sledding and a moonlit dinner in a heated tent on an ice covered lake and marvel at the Northern Lights. Learn about the traditional Sámi lifestyle deep in the forests and walk on the snow with the chance of seeing elk and reindeer in the wild. Sail through fjordlands and hike in pristine wilderness with spectacular mountainous backdrops. Combined with wonderful contemporary art, personal shopping, fine dining and specialist shopping in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Many dream of seeing the Northern Lights but few know about the extraordinary possibilities for this sort of trip. These really are limitless.

If Scandinavia is on your list for 2023 please don’t make plans until you’ve spoken with us. You’ll find we take this sort of trip to new heights.

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