We know where: the Greek islands

Our strapline is ‘We know where’ and to know where involves constantly travelling with a discerning eye. We do the legwork, experiencing and contextualising, so our clients can reap the rewards.

This past week we have been in the Cyclades Islands of the Aegean, staying at the finest private estate overlooking the caldera of Santorini. There is a top chef, a wonderful team, the largest swimming pool on the island, mesmerising views of the ocean and offshore islands.

We take an exhilarating 24-minute helicopter-hop north to Antiparos, with the islands of Folegandros to the left, and Ios to the right. With Naxos on the eastern horizon the descent was over the western side of Paros and the narrow strait separating it from its smaller sister isle. Summer home in recent years to an illustrious, low-key clientele this sleepy island has just enough in the way of restaurants, beaches and boutiques to add some vacation flavour.

Wild countryside tumbling down to a natural beach within a wide rocky bay on the less populated southwestern side of the island, is the setting for a new retreat on Antiparos. It is the vision of one highly creative and passionate owner.


We love the attention to detail in the architecture, interior design and landscaping. The choice of external materials blends into the landscape whereas the interiors combine farmhouse style with contemporary design and comfort.

The retreat perfectly encapsulates the way travel trends and concepts are unfolding across the world in an anti-hotel kind of way. It answers a demand for individuality and conceptual creativity that we are seeing more and more of on our travels around the world.

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Our Greek island journey continues to the island of Mykonos, checking out world-class villas, the latest beach club scene and a newly opened all-suite boutique hotel.