Happy Thanksgiving

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving 2022.

This week we’re in Marrakech, enjoying a beautiful climate with blue skies and plenty of warm sunshine. It’s hard to believe this is mid-November and we’re little more than three hours flying time from Northern Europe.

Marrakech really is the ultimate shoulder season destination, and unlike some destinations that spoil with oversaturation, the city keeps getting better and better. Its hotel offerings really are superb, with some of the world’s most sumptuous accommodations, beautiful swimming pools, and accomplished spas (The Chenot Spa Selman Marrakech has set new standards).

Easily accessed from Europe’s major cities, with good connections from the United States and elsewhere in the world, Marrakech is an easy destination to visit. Yet, miraculously it retains all the charm and mystique of a bygone era. The old walled medina with its endless maze of narrow streets, the brouhaha and colour explosion of the souk, ancient traditions, folklore, storytelling, snake charmers and the hypnotic sounds of the call to prayer from mosques throughout the city.

The backdrop of the “Ochre City” is a spectacular contrast of desert oasis, verdant gardens and snow-capped mountains framing the horizon. Yet, Marrakech also has a sophisticated, contemporary allure, with the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, MACAAL (Museum of Contemporary African Art al Maaden) and the upmarket restaurants and boutiques of Gueliz. The city also hosts the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair which returns to La Mamounia from 9-12 February 2023.

As the gateway to the Sahara, Marrakech combines perfectly with other Moroccan destinations. The foothills of the Atlas Mountains, the Stone Desert of Skoura with its palm groves and almond trees, or a few days in the exotic city of Fes.

There are at least five top hotels in Marrakech, yet only two make the grade as far as we are concerned (with a possible third, but this is entirely dependent on accommodation type). One of our preferences is closer to the heartbeat of the city where accommodations reflect the traditional Moroccan riad style. The other is a 10-15 minute drive away and is particularly notable for its private pool villas.

As always, we profile each of our clients extensively, so we know which hotels work for who and when to choose an alternative. We know family dynamics, whether fitness and well-being are key, important interests such as art, fine wine, archaeology, design, fashion and personal shopping.

We care deeply about the choices we make for our members and this is one of the reasons they remain with us year after year. Want to know the other reasons we have such a loyal, long-standing client base?