We love Venice full stop, but there is something particularly ravishing about La Serenissima in winter.

The hordes of tourists are absent; the constantly changing light takes on an extraordinary pink hue; and the month of February ushers in the Venetian Carnival. For centuries this annual festival has enticed revellers to don traditional Venetian masks and indulge in the surrealism of flamboyant costumes and the mystique of anonymity. This year this alluring event coincides with Valentine’s Day. And what could be more romantic than the gondolas, canals and faded grandeur of Venice?

By contrast, there is the shocking colour, elaborately risqué costumes and street floats of Rio’s world-famous Carnival…

Nota Bene can organize access to these unique Carnival celebrations. To experience the magic of La Serenissima in the winter or the energetic vibrancy of Carnival in Rio, contact us now to do either in bespoke Nota Bene style.

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