Arguably the finest private house in Africa

Located in the verdant highlands of Laikipia, Kenya, amongst rolling hills clothed in wild olive and cedar trees and, on a clear day, views of Mount Kenya in the distance, this exquisite private estate is already being referred to as the most beautiful house in Africa.

The exterior is wonderfully discreet, seemingly anchored in the landscape and influenced by the monasteries of Ethopia’s Lalibela.

…One of the most beautiful houses in Africa

Before construction began, the owner painstakingly scrutinised the wind direction and where the light and shadows fell. Oversized, light-filled rooms with huge windows overlook the endless tapestry of green outside; the neutral colour palette and landscaped courtyard garden bring the outside into the house, and there is a star bed on the roof terrace which is candle lit by night and offers panoramic vistas over Laikipia.

The interiors are simple and sophisticated, designed by Maira Koutsoudakis, who honed the style at the private island paradise of North Island, Seychelles.

…influenced by the monasteries of Ethiopia’s Lalibela

In keeping with the owner’s values, everything here has been designed to promote a sense of wellbeing, from the delicious Ottolenghi-influenced salads at lunch time, the hammam-style spa, the tennis and squash courts, massage therapy and yoga pavilion, where private lessons can be arranged on request, to the outdoor infinity pool that overhangs the surrounding landscape and where elephants sometimes come to drink.

…elephants sometimes come to drink

Positioned in an ideal location for heli-safari to the northern parts of the country, the Ngare Ndare forest, Mount Kenya, horse-back safaris and night game drives, the bar has been raised again as Kenya continues to offer some of the finest safari products on the continent. For further information and a trip to Laikipia, Kenya, please contact us…