The great migration has finally arrived in Kenya. This exhilarating annual spectacle, when thousands of wildebeest cross the Mara river, is now underway.

August is one of the optimum months to visit Kenya; its topography and variety of experience are, arguably, second to none in all Africa. We have just returned from Segera Retreat, a 50,000-acre ranch on the dramatic Laikipia Plateau, belonging to Jochen Zeitz who is the founder of Zeitz MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary Art Africa) in Cape Town. It is without doubt one of Kenya’s most exclusive and beautifully appointed luxury lodges.

For the ultimate indulgent safari experience, fly by helicopter to the northern part of Kenya for Lake Turkana, the Suguta Valley and the Matthews Range, and spend a morning on Mount Kenya with a spot of trout fishing in one of the pristine freshwater lakes. Let us help you combine this with the Serengeti-Maasai Mara for some of the most exceptional wildlife on the continent. We know the most exclusive places to stay and have insider knowledge of the most inspiring guides, the most beautiful scenic spots and superb experiences.

Just a three-hour flight from Nairobi, the Seychelles is the ideal beach destination with which to combine a safari. Alternatively, art lovers could consider the direct flight to Cape Town for the new Zeitz MOCAA, which houses the largest collection of contemporary African art in the world.

Whichever way you would like to plan an unforgettable trip in Africa, contact us.