Anthony Lassman

Anthony Lassman has always had sharply attuned antennae for shifts in taste, and is himself a highly authoritative tastemaker, whose opinions are sought out and valued by the most discerning travellers.

His background originated in real estate. He founded what, in its time, was arguably London’s most prestigious brokerage. Lassman specialized in the marketing and sale of some of the capital’s exceptional landmark homes. He subsequently went into development of turnkey projects in similar super-prime locations.

Anthony Lassman, Founder of Nota Bene

His entrance into the world of travel came out of a challenge from his wife, whose career started in modelling, then fashion design, and now fashion and lifestyle consultation. They have spent much of their lives travelling to, and being fascinated by, the world’s finest places, exotic destinations, world-class hotels, cool restaurants and beach clubs etc., always critiquing and advising friends. Lassman made notes everywhere he went, checking out best rooms and suites, finest views and most coveted tables.

They relished finding special places with style – the insider places that only those “in the know” would go to and unique experiences in exotic far-flung destinations. So, creating a business out of a passion became a challenge he could not overlook.

The original beautifully coloured Nota Bene destination review books were subscribed to by many celebrities, captains of industry and important names from media, film and fashion, more than 70 percent of whom came from the United States. They built up a very impressive database. Their focus turned to the bespoke management of travel as an annual fee-paying service for the UHNWs. As a result of further client demand, they have recently introduced a super-prime real estate advisory buying service focusing on Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

What separates Nota Bene Global most is their understanding of the world of the UHNWs. It comes as a result of having travelled at a certain level over many years with a keen eye and great passion and a wonderful team of private client managers who share in their vision. Experience and discernment are key, so they look for ambience, style and the all-important details. But above all, it is service.

There is their fertile network of high-level contacts all over the world, people who help them make things happen. Their clients are defined by where they travel; their mission is to make every experience unique, underpinned by their strapline, “We know where.”