Every last detail.

Nota Bene for the world’s most exclusive travel.

A private service for those seeking specialist knowledge and access to the inaccessible, we make sure you invest your time and money wisely.

“I have always loved Nota Bene – they’re like your best friend dishing insider tips on where to go (and what to ask for) in the world’s most fabulous destinations.”

Michael Kors, Fashion Designer

What sets us apart

Many claim to be travel and lifestyle experts. But it’s less likely that they really understand the details that matter. A restaurant hidden behind unmarked doors known only by local insiders. An introduction to a world-famous artist as part of a private studio visit. A far-flung expedition guided by a renowned explorer or world-class expert. With similar values and expectations, we know what is quietly impressive.

It’s all in the details

Your leisure time is valuable and it should be orchestrated perfectly. You need to have complete confidence that you’re entrusting your money and time to someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.

With unlimited access to a dedicated private client director, and every last detail taken care of, your travels will become effortless and completely stress-free. Even during peak holiday seasons, blackout dates and when you have last-minute requests.

Nothing is overlooked

We go to extreme lengths to ensure no detail is overlooked. From meeting the exact boat crew who’ll be taking care of you, to inspecting private villas on your behalf, selecting the best restaurant tables and ensuring your hotel suite has an unobstructed view. We review all the important details over and over again.

24-hour support via our luxury travel concierge connects you to us round the clock while travelling.

Your travels will be effortless

You will never have to answer the same question twice while we are taking care of your travels. You’ll have the same dedicated Director of Private Client Services throughout your service period. It’s like having your own high-level personal assistant specifically for travel.

As one of our private clients you’ll receive:

  • Access to unrivalled knowledge of the world’s most illustrious travel experiences.
  • A dedicated Private Client Director who designs every detail of your travels.
  • Special access to the world’s major annual art, fashion and sporting events.
  • Advice on private air and boat charter.
  • The inside track on the world’s finest hotels, private villas and island buyouts.
  • Passage to our super-prime real estate division.

To become a Client of Nota Bene

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